When a client expresses his or her desire to make an investment in Spain our focus is always directed to achieve the maximum confidence and peace of mind so that the client feels informed and secure at every stage.

To be able to do this, we dedicate all the time necessary conducting a full study taking into account the objectives of the investment.

In this process we evaluate all the options we consider adequate for our clients needs and we also negotiate to obtain the most advantageous conditions.

Thanks to our knowledge of the sector and supported by our experience and legal knowledge our client will have all the necessary information whilst being advised at every step and always leaving the final decision in his or her hands.

We will then inform the client of all the expenses that are involved in the investment including the legal processes from the purchase up to and including the maintenance and ongoing costs.

For your peace of mind,the search for the ideal investment is completely free of charge. Your only costs will be those that we as lawyers charge which will vary depending on the particular services contracted. The client will always be advised of these before any operation goes ahead to avoid any subsequent surprises.